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We encourage feedback from all our previous tenants.

Here's a sample of what some of our tenants have said about their time with us:

What others say

I sincerely appreciate the time I've spent with in your care
Amir, St Paul's 2020

The property provides a good standard of living and is an example of the standard that DASH Services is looking for its landlords to provide. Well done.
DASH (Decent and Safe Houses) Inspection, Essex St 2019

I would like to take this opportunity to inform that it has been a great experience being your tenant.
Akash, St Paul's 2017-2019

Thank you for being a really wonderful landlord.
Lyric, Somerset 2018-2019

The houses were really amazing.
Andema, Viewing houses 2019

It has been a pleasure being a tenant of Uppingham Street and it is sad to say goodbye.
Chantelle, Uppingham Street 2016-2018

Thanks again for everything!.
Rhianne, Elysium 2017-2018

... and also thanks for being a great landlord!
Peter, St Paul's 2016-2018

Just a quick email to thank you for being a great landlord to us at St. Paul's Road over the last 2 years.
A lot of students have struggles with landlords taking advantage of them but we experienced none of this with yourselves and Alan. Wishing you all the best for the future.
Rhianne, St Paul's 2016-2018

Thank you for allowing us to live in the house.
Ben, Elysium 2017-2018